Today was a special day. Through the magic of fog and Apple’s SD card reader for your phone, my Nikon was back in action. I missed the large, high quality, light absorbing, and isolated focusing power of my camera, and now I can access them again without a functioning computer (at the moment).

To celebrate, I took a walk to Lands End with my sister and some friends. It was foggy, dusty and windy. None of us were wearing make up, and it was that kind of cold that you think you can stand though you know the whole time it will always win, but it’s okay because you’re suffering together. I did my best to tell today’s story – I hope it translates. Enjoy 🙂





There’s nothing like natural light and a willing friend to pose for you against a background that compliments their dewy complexion. All shot on an iPhone6, these lovely pictures were taken in Emeryville, CA and edited on VSCO.

Let’s shoot some pictures! See more #GenMakesPortaits here.

GenLau Sign Off

VSCO, green shadow, fade
VSCO, outdoors, orange shadow, fade
VSCO, blue shadow, exposer +1