I love moving. Not the spending a lot of money to get a new mattress because you deserve a queen kind of moving, but the unpacking which means you get to space-plan and decorate a new place kind of moving! Because I can’t bare to leave my rent-controlled studio, I take advantage of my friends who move to San Francisco. Case in point Denise and Steph. They recently moved to the Mission and were blessed with this built-in shelving feature. The problem being that they both used to live by themselves so they had a lot of small things for a big space.

Cue Gen. This amount of stuff may seem daunting to some but it looked very fun for me so I couldn’t wait to tackle this. So take in some of these tips about how to group your items so it all looks on purpose…which is the point, no?

1) Lay out all your stuff


Lay out everything you have. Nothing except books stacked on top of each other so you can see what you’re going to be working with (thank you Marie Kondo). This way you can start imagining groups of items and color blocking before you place things.

2) Use the rule of three


Each space is a moment. One moment or three moments look strategic but two can feel like an accident. You can create a specific moment by grouping things of the same ilk (love that word) together. Juxtapose everything to keep things interesting by ensuring you’re varying heights, creating levels and grouping colors.

3) Use tiny trinkets to fill a space


Although this might defy the rule of three, let’s tout that rules are meant to be broken. A tiny candle, sparkly geode or a faux, mini succulent can help balance a space. You’ll feel if it belongs there or not.

4) Step back for perspective


Like plucking your eyebrows, you want to step back with each pluck because things look differently from further away. Spoiler alert, people see you from far away a lot more than up close. This way you can properly place a print of an animated Jesse Pinkman that has a lot of yellow in a place that needs more yellow. Or you can put two green glass vases on the opposite corner of your house plant because it’s the only green you have to play with.

And there you go! Beautifully styled shelves and everything is on purpose. It’s the perfect backdrop for a magical sketch of Kate McKinnon on Saturday Night Live (yeah, I didn’t even think to turn the T.V. off when I took the picture). You got this!


Do you want to style with me sometime? Shoot me a line here or on my contact page.



I walked into my studio after work today feeling the relief of a long weekend to come washing over me, and I could not help but notice my apartment was getting hit in all the right directions with light (not to mention I finally unpacked from a business trip two weeks ago and it was pretty clean).

When I first moved into my apartment I wanted to surround myself in a neutral color palette with various textures to keep it calm yet interesting. Everything falls into the black, grey, cream, or white spectrum with exception to the back of one pillow and a print of the Golden Gate Bridge. I found it easier to mix my textures with accessories. Pillow cases and throws bring the soft and the quilted, while a floor lamp brings modern and structured.

I try and limit my clutter in the main room, but I have memories and knick knacks worth saving in the kitchen on a bulletin board which you can see below. Let me know if you have any questions on where I got what! Hope to inspire you further.

GenLau Sign Off

Kitchen Bulletin Board

I was lucky enough to get this beautiful built in kitchen

Your jewelry is beautiful. Just some pushpins and you have wall art.

Still searching for that beautiful grey-blue flat woven rug to tie my rug layering scheme together

Pop of color 1 of 2