My maternal grandma passed away last month. Isn’t it funny how you learn so much about someone after they are gone? I wish she was able to tell me her stories herself, but aside from raising five children, immigrating to America, working her way up in a Chinese restaurant to save and buy a home in the Bay Area, she was creative and very thoughtful.

My mom and my aunt have been working on clearing out her house and cleaning out some things. Not only are there years and years family pictures, but there are these beautifully constructed blouse and culotte matching sets. The construction of these are impeccable and thoughtful with absolutely no seams frayed. Take a look at these amazing articles of clothing that are now mine thanks to my grandma (and a bonus crochet rug that my mom made 51 years ago that I’ve now added to my home!). Also ask your parents or grandparents their story. No matter what, it’s going to be breathtaking.

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