I tend to go through many a crafting phase. I practice, become decent, and then move on adding another skill’s notch to my belt if you will. M y most recent accomplishment: calligraphy. Using a true point nib, I learned the importance of good paper and patience. I can’t wait to make everyone a hand-written card.



There’s a craft store in San Francisco called Artist & Craftsman Supply that I never really go into with intention. I like to browse and let the inventory inspire me, but they have so much variety that I know I’ll find something. This time around I found some leather scraps for sale that caught my eye. The white leather strips were so rustic that I knew I could mix them with metal to really tie them together.
I already had the supplies and jewelry making tools, but you’ll just need to buy yourself some earring hookseye pin findings, and jewelry wire and then you’ll be able to make any kind of earring with whatever you find. It’s a great skill to have when you’re making gifts for your friends as well.

Necklaces next?

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