Learn more about my involvement with 20Something

20something is a digital media hub and lifestyle brand. We connect 20somethings with the information we want, the insights we need, the content we crave, in a format we understand.

As Advertising Manager, with my experience using Google AdSense, I launched banner advertising on 20Some.com. Using my advertising background, I recommended placement recommendations across the site and worked with our web developer to place the ads. I am also responsible for maintaining, reporting, and the optimizations of our ads. As the Inform Editor, I am responsible for the overall story the vertical will tell utilizing it’s three sub-verticals career, news, and entrepreneurship. I do this by managing and collaborating with a group of contributing writers to help vet their pitches and flush out ideas as well as project manage various internal comms within 20something. All of our content is written by the burgeoning voices of 20somethings – capturing our generation’s interests to give us what we want, the way we want it. Your life, your story. Reach out to me if you’re interested in contributing or working with 20Something to advertise! http://www.20some.comtop_banner



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