Pierre’s Birthday Fund

I’m involved with a local charity called Pierre’s Birthday Fund which helps enrich the lives of hospitalized children in the Bay Area – specifically at UCSF Benioff Oakland and Mission Bay. The fund was founded when my friend’s little brother was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma and was being hospitalized. He realized there was room to grow in enriching child life at UCSF Benioff. When he passed away last year, his family wanted to continue his legacy and founded Pierre’s Birthday Fund as a 501 (c)3. I immediately raised my hand to help out any way I could, and was tapped to run a few of their communication outlets such as Mailchimp, Facebook, Squarespace, Eventbrite and Snapchat. See examples of my work below. For more information on the fund visit http://www.PierresBirthdayFund.org

PBF Website:

Proficient in the Squarespace UI, with the help of some basic HTML knowledge, I was able to help customize some of their site.



Utilizing Snapchat’s custom geofilters function, I designed two filters that were active during our 1st Annual Pierre’s Birthday Fund Gala that really embodied mission statement of this organization.

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Now familiar with Mailchimp’s UI, I was able to design, segment, and send to our appropriate email lists. Utilizing Mailchimp’s tools, I was able to help garner interest and drive ticket sales of an event.

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I helped set up the Facebook page for Pierre’s Birthday Fund. I currently manage it with the help of someone else on the team.

pbf portfolio 2


Being familiar with the admin side of Eventbrite allowed me to set up an event and manage it for the duration of the campaign.

pbf portfolio 1


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