So you’ve decided to become a yogi? Does that word make you cringe? Does it make you feel like you’re a try-hard that will never have a slender body. Look no further, you’ve found someone who can totally relate. Gen here to help set your expectations.

#1: You’re probably going to hate it

Yoga asks a lot from you. You’re supposed to breath with each sequence, know your sequences and know your poses but when you first walk in, you’re not going to know what utkatasana means. Advice! Tell the teacher this is your first class. No really – don’t be proud. If they’re a good teacher, they’ll make sure to explain the pose and focus on technique. Be cool. It’ll all be fine. It’ll feel so good once you get it!

#2: A cheap yoga mat from TJMaxx or Marshall’s is TOTALLY FINE

Don’t get shamed into investing in a $70 yoga mat before you know if will stick with yoga. Same goes for clothes. You’re going to sweat it in it so it doesn’t have to be a $90 outfit unless that’s what you truly want.

#3: They say it’s a personal practice, but you’re probably going to compare yourself to everyone else in the class for the first 8 months…

We’re all just people.

#4: It’s worth it

Stick with it. Eventually you’ll know what the hell the teacher is talking about, you’ll have the stamina to last through everything, and breathing will be second nature. The mindfulness of it all is really worth it.

How was your first yoga class?

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