Things that help me get through a bout of low self-esteem

Like any normal human being, every day is a challenge to not think about my body, my confidence, my hair, my presence, my everyyything. This has recently been top of mind. I’ve recently switched jobs to the something that is the more nightmare inducing face to face, but as much as I enjoy my new job, it has unveiled a few undercover means of self-consciousness that kind of ruin a day. I’ve been trying to find ways to not only push these feelings deep down into repression but actually overcome them. So here are some things that I do when I have a down day.

1) Lay down on your floor and wallow/mindlessly check social media

Sometimes what you need to do is confront it. Accept the fact that you feel down and the day got to you a little bit. There’s something in knowing that tomorrow is another day and when I just sit down and accept that today was a little rough, I can start winding down to go to bed and start again when I wake up the next morning.

2) Mentally pick out an outfit for the next day 

Think about what you’re going to wear tomorrow. You’ll most likely think of one of your favorite outfits that you feel most confident in. Next, think about one accessory you haven’t worn in a while and use it to update your classic look a bit. Comfort, confidence, and update.

3) Go get ice cream

You know how I feel about ice cream. 

4) Walk around somewhere busy, like a grocery store, while you’re listening to a podcast

There’s something cathartic about things being organized neatly. I like to put some earbuds in, listen to my favorite podcast, and look for things I didn’t know I needed. For me, there is something about escaping my own thoughts (thanks, podcast) and walking around while the world is bustling around me. It gives me a sense of control – like the world around me can’t penetrate my thoughts right now. I have the ability to decide what I want to do.

These are by no means a way to fight major depression or a teary-eyed day, but these are some things I’ve found to help me be okay with being me. Of course you can do things like go to the gym, but that’s awfully cliche and no one wants to read that.

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