Must see and do in Paris (aside from the usual)

When you look up what to see in Paris you’ll get the usual – Le Louvre, Museé D’orsay, Notre Dame…but that can only take up three days max. Here are some things that I discovered that will help you fill your magical and beautiful time in Paris.

1) Las Du Fallafel

The best fallafel pita sandwich I’ve ever had. In the Marais,  you’ll find yourself in a few twists and turns with a few Mediterranean restaurants. You’ll see that one location has a line going out both directions. One line is for take out and the other is to sit in their cafeteria-like dining room. They take your order in line and shoo you away when you’re taking a picture of the store front (see my picture below). The fallafel wasn’t dry, it was light and fluffy with a perfect crispy shell surrounding it and the pickled onions they use are soooo perfect. Under €10 as well!

2) Shakespeare and Company Bookstore

The half bookstore half lending library full time hang out and read oasis is in the 5th Arrondissement of Paris right along the Seine River. Stop by here to sit down and take in that old book smell after you’ve climbed all the stairs of the Notre Dame. There’s also a cat that lives there – it’s name is Cat.

3) Secret Food Tours of Montmartre 

The only tour I took was a food tour. It was a small group of 8 lead by a Parisian native named Pierre-Jean (PJ) who ran his own wine shop in Montmartre. It was 4 hours of tastes, history, and laughs. I couldn’t have been less hungry after. It included a stop at the cheese shop, butcher, bakery, wine shop, crepe shop, chocolate shop, and a macaron shop. About $100 – totally worth it. Book a tour or learn more at

4) Sainte-Chapelle

The largest collection of stained glass in Paris. If you like to be blown away by anything beautiful make sure you visit. The magic is upstairs. That feeling when you turn the corner and see this for the first time can not be replicated.

5) Pink Flamingo Pizza

I mean, it’s pizza. Below you see the Brangelina (figs and goat cheese) and the l’Obama (ham with a pineapple chutney). Our president has some cultural influence in France!

6) Scaramouche Ice Cream in Montemartre

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that my reco list turned into a food guide that includes ice cream. Scaramouche is right by the Abesses metro stop so stop by on your way home…everyday. Just like I did. Real ingredients leads to flavors like melon sorbet, caramel, and the dangerous truffle. Worth a try but decide for yourself!

This is by no means a substitute list from the normal. See all that you want! But these finds really increased my Parisian satisfaction. This beautiful town is so memorable, and these little finds play into that.


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