Where to get cheap facials!

There is nothing like a stranger touching your face, squeezing disgusting crap out of your pores, and massaging your feet for an exorbitant about of money to really wind you down. Sarcasm aside, I have totally spent $160 on a 55 minute facial which ultimately leads to buyers remorse when you check your credit card balance.

Saving money is always first priority but I just can’t get enough of the spa. In an act of desperation, I began my internet research journey so I could have my cake and eat it too.

The solution: beauty schools!!! They’re a compromise to spending hundreds of dollars because you’re helping these students learn and gain hands-on experience (literally). My favorite in San Francisco is Cinta Aveda Institute in the Financial District.

  • Pros
    • CHEAP – at Cinta, a one hour facial is only $40 +tip
    • You’re helping students
    • These students are being taught by class-act professionals
    • These schools have all the professional products that your favorite spa has
  • Cons
    • They’re not pros with years of experience but it for sure gets the job done
    • There are no private rooms, but curtained off rooms keep you secluded in privacy with your esthetician. You can hear the other estheticians and clients as well.
    • If you fall in love with an esthetician, they will be gone after they’re done with their program

For me, the pros and cons are incredibly imbalanced. I’m all about that dollar to quality minute ratio and this is high. I go at least once a month and it’s totally worth it to me.

Do you have any other spa services hacks?

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