San Francisco Hikes: Lands End

One of the best things about living in San Francisco is that I can be in a completely different world in 20 minutes. So when a friend reached out to me that just moved back to San Francisco and wanted to hang out, I couldn’t help but suggest a quintessential San Francisco hike (and when I say ‘hike’ I mean strenuous walk). That was the very cleverly named “Land’s End” in between Ocean Beach and the beautiful SF neighborhood of Seacliff.

You can start out in the Sutro park which has some stairs as an entrance on 40th ave. and Balboa and just head north along the ocean. There are a few turns that lead you to the beach that require a few (a lot) of stairs, but it’s all worth it to me.

You can take this walk all the way to China Beach which is a little secluded landmark by some of San Francisco’s best real estate. The entire walk is a good 4.5 miles that smells like the ocean the whole time. It’s a good time to catch up with friends, get the blood moving and see the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge.

What are some of your favorite nature spots?

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