Your feelings are valid and you can talk about them (to these people [friends])

I never have feelings, or feelings feelings. Not even a few consecutive dates about thinking about what MIGHT happen kind of feelings. This post is dedicated, of course, to the biproduct of the latter.

Classic storyline: meet on a dating app, go on a few dates, hook up, then get told they don’t like you so you shouldn’t continue seeing each other, but don’t worry, they were really impressed by you.

I can move past it. Trust me. I’ve gotten through worse. But as a self-acclaimed Thinker, I felt myself getting frustrated with my feelings. I was frustrated that I even had some vision of emotion about this guy so quickly, and then I was frustrated that I had these feelings about a guy I’ve only know for a few weeks. And then I was annoyed with myself altogether.

Where does this come from? Why are we not okay with what we feel? Your thoughts and your feelings are your thoughts and your feelings. They come naturally and therefore should be akin to the privilege of being alive.

Apparently this is something we’ll need to get used to.

I’ve recently seen that I’m becoming more self aware, and I want to use this to help others feel okay with their feelings as well. Lead by example. Talk about how you feel today – seem vulnerable.

Challenge accepted, Gen. I will admit that this newly found pressure I’m putting on myself is making me uncomfortable. But hey, that’s just a feeling.

How do you feel?

GenLau Sign Off


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